Edward Cross Photography

The emotive and passionate side of sports photography off the field.

The Football coach in the dressing room

In Sport Photography the Dressing Room can get get very lively with emotions running high. As the passion flows in the dressing room with the soccer coach it provides great photo opportunities.

The Newcastle Jests Coach was often animated when driving his point home. And especially to the defenders who at times were out played by talented and lucky opposing teams.

My photography job for the Jets was to not just cover the game but also the sideline and dressing room as well. Because management wanted to give the fans an insight to the team. Because the idea was to draw them closer in as one big supportive family.

Unfortunately the A League didn’t agree with the Jets Management in showing this side of the team. So sadly many images never saw the light of day.

As I love passionate Sports Photography images, I chose to use these two as an example.