Edward Cross Photography

Actor Headshots

Ronan was needing to update his Actor Headshots for his agent to show his diversity.

The brief was to capture him in several different modes of self expression.

Ronan was looking for a few images that depict his various moods of expression. Together we talked over some ideas and headed off. We created some nice clean images that represent him as being a young capable corporate business style of a man. He actually looked kind of like a banker. For this to work a good corporate office interior was chosen. Then we went into a lane-way to get some mood. The idea was to highlight his confident strong warm actors face showing his presence being one of confidence with assertiveness and calm. Then we reversed that look to bring out his defiant determined side like a young angry youth.

With Ronan’s corporate look I chose to create images of him also showing varied different expressions. Some images were created to show him looking young and smiley. And then to switch it around I managed to create images of him looking older and more mature.

Thankfully Ronan was very relaxed and comfortable in this corporate environment and the few Barristers and Accountants that wandered through the foyer assumed he was another young company employee. He fitted very well into this environment. And no one would have thought he was getting some new Actor Headshots taken.

Here are a few images from the Actors Headshots photoshoot that show exactly what we both set out to achieve. Ronan chose a good selection of headshots and his agent was very happy with our result. It was a very easy relaxed shoot too with a few laughs had along the way.

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